Approved Crag List

Updated 6/23/2022:  Note that there are now two types of crags; approved crags and conditional crags. Approved crags are crags where programmatic development can happen without additional review from the FHRG.  Conditional crags require FHRG approval on a route-by-route basis prior to cleaning/development.  This is due to the nature of the rock and the proximity of trees to the base of the cliff at the conditional crags. Developers can have programmatic permits at conditional crags, but each route must be approved by the FHRG prior to cleaning/development.  New routes at conditional crags can be applied for using the General Fixed Hardware ApplicationFor more details see the Programmatic Guidelines page.

Approved Crags

  • Staunton Rocks:
    • Bombardier Dome
    • Whistle Pig
    • The Back 40
    • The Overlook
    • Marmot Tower
    • Dungeon Tower
    • Dungeon (West Face Only)
    • Tan Corridor
    • Permissions Wall
    • Hemingway Wall
    • Aerie
    • Labyrinth
    • Cascades Wall
    • Cascades Tower
    • Kings Landing
    • Canyon Amphitheater
    • Astronomy Wall
    • Red Wall
    • Never Winter Wall
  • West Side Crags:
    • Chimney Rock
  • East Side Crags: 
    • Dines Cliff
    • The Raven
    • Reynolds Wall

Conditional Crags

  • Staunton Rocks:
    • Park View Dome 
    • Ranch Hand Dome
  • Old Mill Area:
    • Roughneck Area*
    • Wildcatter Wall*
    • Sawmill Crag
    • Black Creek Wall

* These crags are subject to seasonal wildlife closures