Fixed Hardware Guidelines

The FHRC operates according to the following guidelines:

1. Proposals: Anyone desiring to (a) establish a new route requiring fixed hardware, i.e., bolts; (b) add or remove bolts from an existing route; (c) replace any fixed pins with a bolt; or (d) add, remove, or relocate bolted belay anchors on any route, must submit an application to the FHRC. Individuals who wish to replace like gear for like gear in the same location do not need to obtain permission from the FHRC. Those applicants can be made directly to the Park. Those wishing to replace like for like must adhere to the fixed hardware guidelines as stated in Section 3.

2. Route Application: Applicants must first toprope (if possible) their proposed line without placing any fixed hardware. Afterwards, applicants will go to  to complete a new route application. The applicant must complete the form, and include the formation name the proposed route is on; the number of bolts (lead and anchor); the length of the route/pitch(es); the difficulty rating; the quality rating; a photo of the route marking the exact location of the proposed bolts; the availability of natural protection; a route description; information about the approach as well as the decent including if a top anchor is necessary. Once the form has been submitted, FHRC members will review the application (generally within 1 week). If there are still any confusions, FHRC members are encouraged to toprope the line themselves. Applications for anchors only, still need to be inspected.

3. Hardware: Bolts and hangers must both be stainless steel. Bolts (not including sleeve assembly) need to be a minimum of 3/8” in diameter and 3.5” in length, however the powers “power bolt” in the 1/2″ x 2.75″ variety is acceptable.  Note that the powers “power bolt” in the 3/8″ variety is NOT acceptable as the inner bolt is less than 3/8″ in diameter. Hangers and anchor chain/rap rings must be camouflaged to reduce the glare/sheen of the hangers. This can be done by spray painting the hangers BEFORE instillation, or by using pre-coated hangers.  Plated steel quicklinks, chain, rap rings, etc. are permitted at top anchors, but the hangers must be stainless steel.

4. Approval: Once an application is approved a permit will be issued by the park. Upon issuance of the permit the applicant has one calendar year to install the hardware. If more than one year has lapsed and the bolts were not placed, the application will be considered null and void and must be re-applied for.

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