Fixed Hardware

The SSPFHRG is a committee made up of local climbers who administer the fixed hardware review process. FHRG members are responsible for polling the climbing community to determine whether the community supports new route proposals and proposals regarding the addition or relocation of fixed gear. Based on the local climbing community’s opinion on the proposals, the FHRG makes a recommendation to the Park to either approve or disapprove those proposals.

Parties interested in installing new fixed hardware, or moving/removing existing fixed hardware, must possess a current fixed hardware permit and abide by the Fixed Hardware Guidelines.

Note that while traditional climbing is allowed throughout the park, routes requiring fixed hardware are limited to cliffs with established trails. This is due to the higher traffic levels that routes with fixed hardware promote. If a developer wishes to develop a cliff without established trails, using fixed hardware, pre-approval must be given by the Park before a fixed hardware review process takes place. For more information contact the committee at

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